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"To Beckon Baby Boomers, Adopt Multifaceted Ministry Approaches" The Baptist Standard Read More:
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Consider This....

I try to keep a pulse on what is being written about baby boomers and older adults. Here are two that have recently caught my eye.

This article in the New York Times gives more proof as to why churches cannot ignore ministry with the new old.

I’ve said for some time that church planters need to pay attention to the growing boomer demographic. And while I wish this author would not have referred to older adults as geezers, (Smile), I am SO glad a veteran church planter is talking about this!

How should the church respond to the information presented? Any thoughts?

An Overlooked but Important Ministry

Back in 2006 I led a workshop at a ministry conference on the Top 5 Issues of Aging that the church must address. One of the five was transportation. I know, I know, that sounds nothing like the start of a cool or glamorous or cutting edge ministry. But hear me out, this was an issue 8 years ago and it is becoming an even bigger issue today and will be a huge issue in the future. Mobility is a major concern for older adults, and no longer being able to drive oneself can contribute to loneliness, depression and feeling devalued.

This article is about an organization that is attempting to come alongside older adults and help provide transportation. What can the church learn from this and how could we put together an army of volunteers through our faith communities that could reach out and respond to those in need of a ride? I will be the first to say, the actual transporting cannot be the sole job of the minister. But rather lay-people, serving others in this way would be a beautiful thing. Yes?

What have you done or seen or heard in regards to creative and effective transportation ministries for older adults?