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Churches Responding to the Age Wave: Top Innovations in Older Adult Ministry
America is aging and older adult ministry of today is not the same as it was 30 years ago. A one size fits all approach to ministry has been replaced with a variety of fresh ideas that recognize the multiple needs, interests, and abilities of older adults.

Creating New Opportunities for Older Adults to Serve: 50+ Age Adults Reaching Outside the Walls of the Church
Across the nation, both secular organizations and faith-based communities are recognizing the invaluable resource resident in older adults. A number of leading churches in older adult ministry are finding creative ways of engaging seniors in ministry and encouraging them to use their time and resources for Kingdom expansion.

Breaking Down the Age Barriers: How Churches are Becoming Intentionally Intergenerational
Today’s society often segments people by age and young and old have few opportunities to interact. However, some churches are discovering that intergenerational ministry is a rewarding, God-honoring work, and they are finding ways to encourage meaningful connections across generational lines.

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