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Baby Boomers and Beyond: Interview at the NACC

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  • August 21, 2013 5:19 pmPosted 10 years ago
    Robert W. Chism

    It’s always inspiring to listen to you speak on aging awareness, momentum & social change.

    Your question as to why God has given us thirty year of longevity at this time brings to mind the definition of the “Doer” by Rick Warren, “Doers love God with their strength. They are the energetic activists of life — the achievers, the accomplishers, the workers, and the people that push things forward and make things happen in the practical sense of life. The world needs contribution. We don’t just need communication, compassion, and consideration. We’ve got to get to work and do it! We need people of action. We need people with initiative, energy, action, and a bias for achievement. Some Doers need to do less. Not less for God, but less in other areas, so they have more time to do what matters most. When you become a believer, your past is forgiven, you have a reason for living, and you have a home in Heaven. Let me tell you something that doesn’t change when you come to Christ: Your personality doesn’t change. God doesn’t slow you down when you come to him. He just changes your direction. In fact, he wants to empower you. Remember, you got your personality from him. God doesn’t want to make you a clone of everybody else in the way that you worship and serve and love him. He wants you to serve him with your personality. Not only that, but he will strengthen your personality, not dampen it. He’s going to make you more you than you’ve ever been before.”

    May God continue to help you make an aging, intergenerational, nonsexist discipleship and evangelistic Christian difference!


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