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Different Generations and Different Needs means Different Ministries

Last Thursday I wrote about one church’s attempt to recruit people over 50 into the current senior adult ministry. The week after this church listed the qualifications for being a senior, they wrote about various activities and programs of the senior adult ministry. Here are several of them that were listed in the church bulletin:

  • Senior Adult Choir
  • Seasonal Parties
  • Rides to doctor and therapy appointments
  • Sunday morning bus route to church
  • Prescription pick up and delivery
  • Grocery delivery and errands during inclement weather
  • Medical Equipment lending library
  • Senior Adult Vacation Bible School
  • Senior Adult Christian Conference in Branson, MO

First, let me say, I love that this church has such a comprehensive and caring ministry for older adults. They have a full time staff person devoted to senior adults and they do an excellent job responding to the many needs that people can experience in the later years of life. Tony Campolo just wrote a great article in which he raises the question as to why more churches do not higher an elderly care pastor to assist with the needs of older adults. We need ministries devoted to senior adults and the elderly. But these ministries will not reach the new old. Today’s 50 to 70 year old adults are in a major transition time of life. They are experiencing the empty-nest, caring for aging parents and considering what their retirement years will look like. These are different issues then those listed above.

We need two ministries – one for the senior adult and one for the new old.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you see the need for two ministries or have you found a way to make it work by combining the builder and boomer generations?

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