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A Powerful Equation


Something incredible is happening across the country.  Never before in history have so many people lived into the later years of life with so much health and vitality.  In fact, by the year 2030, nearly a quarter of our population will be 65+ in age.  This is a huge group of people with the ability to make a powerful impact for Christ.  Just consider what they have to offer:

Time. As someone moves into the later years of life, they tend to have more discretionary time.  Notice I did not say they have free time, but they do have more flexibility with how they spend their time.  They may be slowing down in their careers and the days of hands-on parenting are over, so they have time to invest in new and purposeful things.  Mary is a woman who retired at the age of 62 and shortly after, went on a mission trip to Rwanda.  She has sponsored a child from this country and plans to return to Rwanda to do more work.  Mary is making the most of her time.

Experience. The dictionary defines experience as something personally lived through or encountered.  By the time someone is in their later years, they have experienced A LOT!  Family experiences, work experiences, and difficult experiences.  Someone once said, God never wastes an experience. And the question for many baby boomers and beyond is, “How does God want me to use all of this experience, all of this knowledge, all of these things I’ve gone through, for his purposes?”

Resources. By the second-half of life, adults have accumulated quite a bit, not only in finances but in possessions.  The Bible reminds us that all we have belongs to God.  One man and woman opened up the mother-n-law quarters of their large home to house missionaries who were home on furlough.  This is just one of many ways to use resources for Kingdom-building.

In many churches across America, the time, experience and resources of older adults are lying dormant.  If you are a young person, look for ways to encourage the older adults in your life to serve.  If you are an older adult, don’t settle into the world’s leisure-filled retirement.  Instead, get up and get in the game.  We desperately need what you have to give!

In addition to time, experience and resources, what else do you see that baby boomers and beyond have to offer?  Any stories of people who are leveraging their lives for God’s purposes?  Do share.

*This article was first published in the newsletter, A Chosen Generation, July 2011.

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    July 29, 2011 7:22 pmPosted 12 years ago
    Stephen Kauffman

    It is remarkable what potential the boomer generation has to make a positive difference in the world and for the kingdom of God. Many of us who are boomers have lived a charmed life in so many ways – certainly in respect to the economic opportunity many (but not all of us) enjoyed as we grew up in the 1950s and 60s.

    In these current times of economic uncertainty and the rancorous debate about the debt ceiling entitlements have been appropriately scrutinized. In particular, AARP’s campaign to protect “our” Social Security at any cost strikes me as self serving and insensitive. Certainly there are many retirees who struggle to make ends meet in old age who depend on benefits. Justice demands that each has a fair and equitable income in old age. But others have pensions and retirement income enough to render accepting Social Security benefits unnecessary if not immoral.

    So yes, Amy, something incredible is happening across the country. Never have so many of us been so strong and capable to make a difference. I do worry about what I call the “greedy geezer” as the boomers get older. I hope that those of us moved by faith can use our strength in numbers, relative affluence and our generosity to make this world better for all people. We will be called to struggle with the inevitable tension between finding security for ourselves and justice for everyone in these challenging times.

    In our ministries with and for those growing older, can we find ways to speak of the stewardship of God’s gifts in all of life and for all of God’s people?

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    August 23, 2011 11:56 amPosted 12 years ago

    I pray that our marriage can show what, by God’s grace, can happen after 48 years of being together. Of course, God can choose to accomplish His purposes at any age.
    My wife and I finally went on a short term mission trip together. Without us, the average age of the team was about 28. We were able to experience God’s working in that part of the world together. We worked together in ministering to others in France. We are now together considering what God would have us do together to impact His kingdom – yes, together.


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