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The Baby Boomer Generation in the News

2011 is a defining year as millions of baby boomers celebrate their 65th birthday and cross the threshold into what used to be (and to some extent, still is) the chronological marker for old age. This noteworthy event has been all over the headlines with many news stories being reported on this phenomenon.

Here are a few take-away points that I deemed as important in what I’ve read in the past week.

  • Boomers want to be engaged and will continue to reinvent themselves through work and volunteer efforts.

  • Finances are affecting aging baby boomers, and perhaps their biggest financial concern is the cost of healthcare.

  • Many older boomers are experiencing the phenomenon of their adult children moving back home and some boomers are also having to take an active role in raising their grandchildren.

  • Boomers and older adults are continuing to work past the retirement age, but are choosing to do new jobs that are meaningful to them.

  • Boomers have always made an impact and we can expect them to continue to do this as they move into their later years of life.
  • Below are the links to several articles and news stories that you may want to check out.
    Forever Young: What’s in Store for Baby Boomers? (segment on the Today Show)
    Boomers Take the Retire out of Retirement
    (Segment on NPR)
    This Isn’t Grandpa’s Retirement (USA Today Opinion Piece)
    Baby Boomers: Officially You’re Now Senior Citizens. (Christian Science Monitor)

    What does this information mean for those of us who want to minister with aging boomers? What have you seen or heard in the news lately regarding boomers that we need to take notice of?

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  • January 12, 2011 8:10 amPosted 12 years ago
    Missy Buchanan

    As always, you are right on target, Amy. As one of those boomers myself, I can affirm just how vital it is that churches begin to dialogue about this important topic.

    • January 12, 2011 4:29 pmPosted 12 years ago
      Amy Hanson (Author)

      Thanks, Missy!
      One way church leaders can start the conversation is just be gathering several boomer age adults together and brainstorming with them about what ministry could look like to their generation. The possibilities are endless.

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